WATCH: UK’s former Chief Scientific Advisor Dave King says ‘I’m afraid’

He was the man former UK Prime Minister’s turned to for advice. He was part of the government who fought for the Paris Agreement to happen.

But as he has watched as politician after politician, government after government and country after country fail to act on the accord, Sir David King, the UK’s former Chief Scientific Advisor, can take no more.

He appeared at City of London Magistrate Court to offer evidence on behalf of activists from Extinction Rebellion who protested against climate change at London City Airport by disrupting operations.

Former Permanent Special Representative on Climate Change to the Foreign Secretary from 2013 until 2017, after seven years as Chief Scientific Adviser from 2000, among other awards and high level positions.

Sir King, one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in the field, made a written submission on their behalf. In essence he argues that public action, public voices, are necessary to ensure that law makers and governments listen and act.

In an interview after the hearing, Sir King said: “I’m afraid. I’m afraid for future generations. I’m afraid for my children and their children, my grandchildren.

“I’m afraid because we haven’t taken the actions that the science has been telling us to take for a very long time.

“This sounds a bit like Greta Thunberg’s voice, and she gets it. she says listen to the scientists.”

“The most important thing here is to say this is a brave attempt by a group of people to get this onto the front pages, get the media taking an interest again in thsi critically important issue.

In his written statement, he also warns the world faces a three to four degree rise in temperatures if immediate action is not taken.

“A temperature rise of 4.0 degrees C would give rise to unmanageable risks, and yet this
is the most likely outcome by 2100 unless appropriate global action is taken,” he adds.

Video Credit: Extinction Rebellion 




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