‘We are one family and the Earth is our shared home’ Bafta-winning film boss tells COP26

THE head of a Bafta winning digital entertainment company has become the latest to call on world leaders at COP26 to act decisively over the climate emergency.

Naysun Alae-Carew, the Managing Director of Glasgow-based Blazing Griffin, said we would need to “change our entire perspective” and begin to work together to achieve real, meaningful change.

Writing as part of the ‘Dear Glasgow  ..’ project for The Glasgow Agreement website he said: “We must understand that we are all responsible for one another.

“It’s not enough to cling to outdated and disproven ideas that if we act in our own self-interest that the world’s problems will fix themselves.

“We don’t feel the impact of our individual actions when we buy a diesel-hungry car, eat that bit of steak or buy single-use plastics.

“The impact is too convoluted, too distant, too disconnected from the immediacy of our choices for it to directly change our behaviours.

“Instead we need to change our entire perspective and we need our leaders and the COP26 summit to state this unequivocally.”

He added: “We are all connected, we are one family and the Earth is our shared home.”

IN FULL: Read Naysun Alae-Carew’s letter to COP26 in Glasgow

His comments come after award-winning TV, radio and podcast presenter Zara Janjua become the first to lend her perspective to the initiative.

She said: “We need to see a serious shift from purely profit-driven models, to businesses that inspire positive impact and change, and that are financially incentivised to do so.”

She was followed by businessman Derek MacDonald, Joint Managing Director or Newton Property Management.

IN FULL: Read Zara Janjua’s letter to COP26 in Glasgow

He said: “Whether it is better insulation, more access to renewable sources of energy provision, access to smarter technology in the homes – we want dynamic, innovative solutions to encourage us to be more progressive and productive and do our bit for our country and planet.

“So over to you COP26. We’re ready to listen and willing to learn.”

IN FULL: Read Derek MacDonald’s letter to COP26 in Glasgow

The Glasgow Agreement is the sister-site of Planet Unplugged, and was set up to “spark conversations about issue around climate” says publisher Shaun Milne, founder of Skog Media Associates.

He said: “Glasgow and Scotland will be on the world stage in less than a year’s time and hopefully by the end of next year, we will have a Glasgow Agreement to rival that of the Paris accords in delivering real, tangible ways to tackle the climate emergency.

“The website is just a small but hopefully important tool in making sure people from all walks of life, activism and business have a chance to make their voices heard in the run up to the most important climate conference of our lifetime.

“To have such thought provoking observations from Zara, Derek and Naysun goes to show just how powerful words can be either written, spoken or on film. We look forward to welcoming new perspectives over the coming months.”

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